Project Pankh



Project PANKH emphasizes on personal and social wellness of the students by creating an understanding of their everyday interactions with oneself as well as with others. This program ensures the continual evaluation of students through interactive and activity based learning, thus allowing them to bring about positive contribution and assist them in becoming empathetic and socially aware individuals.



Project PANKH is an initiative to make students look into their individuality. Our focus is to make them understand themselves better, be more emotionally and socially awakened, and to make that possible questioning oneself and retrospection is important. The program includes series of such activities which will assist the students to reflect on themselves.


  • Self Esteem : Self Esteem will make the students realize the importance of the qualities related to themselves in order to manage their lives and own up to their responsibilities.
  • Relationship with Family : How the child interacts with the people closest to him/her plays an important role in shaping their personality. Hence, we chose the module Relationship with Family to Foster and facilitate a healthy parent - child relationship.
  • Relationship with friends: The kind of friendships a person indulges in tells a lot about their personalities . Hence to develop good social etiquette it's important to analyze Relationship with friends.
  • Cleanliness: The importance of cleanliness in the wake of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan seems fitting, and so we chose Cleanliness as our module to instill in students the quality of keeping our surroundings clean.

  • Climate change: Climate change is a very pressing issue in today's scenario which we understand that every student should be aware of. We believe that this awareness would give the students a chance to know about and contribute in the conservation of the environment.