SEED: School evaluation, empowerment and development programme



SEED Programme aims to make schools a higher performing learning system by leveraging the existing resources and creating an alignment amongst all the stakeholders of the school system.



1. School Infrastructure
2. Continuous Teacher Professional Development
3. School Leadership
4. Community Engagement


Through SEED, we are aiming to achieve a systemic transformation by bringing a change in mindsets and practices. We believe that to improve educational outcomes, it is important to change what large numbers of teachers, school leaders, educational functionaries, parents and communities think, feel and do. Efficient School Leadership promotes teacher capacity building and presses on the involvement and participation of educational functionaries and communities contributing to better school processes and culture. These lead to increase in attendance, participation and motivation of students in classrooms, thus leading to improved educational outcomes.

Approach We Use

  • Situational Analysis: Research & identify the problems in the Government schools.
  • Need Assessment: Invest time to understand the needs and problems faced by government schools.
  • Strategizing: Strategize and develop effective solutions through brainstorming, community participation and partnering with other NGO.
  • Action: Build a prototype. Come up with activities and outputs.
  • Self evaluation: Continuous process. Gap Analysis between Strategy & actions. What worked & what didn’t.
  • Redesign & Act: Based on self-evaluation, find alternatives and solutions.