Project Udaan



Udaan translates to ‘uplifting to greater heights’. It focuses on developing personal and social qualities among children and promoting extracurricular activities in government schools that supplement education and encourage an overall development.



Through Udaan, we aspire to connect the theoretical classroom with everyday reality by activity based learning models that help build an environment conducive to growth and learning. It implores the children to think beyond the bounds of the classroom, explore their own areas of interest and form their own perspectives. It promotes student engagement through activities like public speaking that stimulate critical thinking, leadership skills and boost self-confidence in the students.


Facilitated by Gramiksha fellows, Udaan operates as Saturday Sessions in schools where the students are introduced to learning models that focus on basic maths, reading and a curriculum that helps in shaping their social and personal identities including topics such as Environment, Health and Hygiene, General Knowledge and Aptitude. The modules also take in their purview activities that can be classified as Sports, Art and Craft, Dance, Music and Theatre as a much needed outlet for children to channel their creative spirit.


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