Meet Our Team

The team that brings the change

Shubham Singh

Founder & President

BIRAC Social innovator

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha for me is a "Journey" which shaped me into the person that I am today. The people in family and the experiences ignited in me the fire to become a change maker of this evolving nation.Lets do it for country.

Tanya Mulchandani

National Head

upGrad, Mumbai

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha for me is a family of changemakers, a journey to make the change I wish to see in this world. Working in Gramiksha has not only given me the understanding and in depth knowledge of the education system but also helped me grow and outshine in my career.

Pallavi Ratra

Technical Manager

Manipal University, Jaipur Alumni

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha is not just an NGO for me; its a family. As much as it is about working towards the betterment of the society, Gramiksha is an experience that has helped me become a better version of myself as a more aware citizen.

CA Sanchit Aggarwal

Accounts Manager


Gramiksha Experience

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience. Working with Gramiksha has not only given me the knowledge but It gave me a platform to polish my capabilities and shape my talent unconditionally.

Anushree Srivastava

HR Manager

Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha' for me has been a 'Journey of self exploration'. It helped me develop a sense of professionalism. I owe it to Gramiksha for shaping my personality and giving me the opportunity to work for the change we wish to see in the education system.

Krishan Gupta

Campaign & Outreach Manager

Consultant for Project Management and MIS

Gramiksha Experience

Working with Gramiksha means being a part of network of passionate youngsters, who want to see the desired changes in society by helping the future of the country. I believe if you're working for the children it means you've bigger vision towards life.

Rohit Sahu

Technical Lead

LNCTE, Bhopal

Gramiksha Experience

Being in Gramiksha allowed me to have new experiences and stories.I have been working with Gramiksha for a long time and the learning experience so far has been amazing for me!

Rithik Pandita

City Lead, Indore Chapter

IET-DAVV, Indore

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha has been a journey of building a better version of myself , a journey of self exploration. It has not only helped me understand the education system but also helped me bring the change I want to see around me.

Kavleen Sabharwal

City Lead, Jaipur Chapter

Manipal University, Jaipur

Gramiksha Experience

Making someone else happy, or bringing more knowledge and learning to someone else’s life, can be an experience worth cherishing. Gramiksha is and will forever be the best decision of my life and I can never thank Gramiksha enough for all that it has given me and for how much I have grown because of it!

Tejaswini Singh Deora

City Lead, Lakshmangarh Chapter

Modi University

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha has helped me evolve as a person and as a leader. Gramiksha helps me to be the change i want to see in the world . The organisation has made me a change maker . It has provided me great learning and teaching experience .

Tanishq Patel

City Lead, Delhi Chapter

Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi

Gramiksha Experience

I feel a sense of responsibility towards society, Gramiksha has provided me a platform to showcase my skills to enlighten young minds. Gramiksha has helped me to grow as a person and given me a sense of accomplishment.

Ateka Nulwala

City Lead, Gwalior Chapter

Amity University, M.P

Gramiksha Experience

There is nothing better than to see a child grow and prosper, knowing you played a part in that. My experience with Gramiksha has been a real eye opener and an educational one. It has helped strengthen my positive attitude towards life. It has been wonderful journey so far.

Abhinav Shrivastava

City Lead, Bhopal Chapter

TIT, Bhopal

Gramiksha Experience

Gramiksha is a platform for me where I can give my time and energy as a form of skills for the betterment of our younger generation, so that they also get an equal chance like us to ‘Be the change’.